Undoubtedly the children are affected most from Syrian war that has been going on since 2011.
According to the official reports one in every three Syrian children, which corresponds to 3,7 million children, was born after the war started.
Currently over 80% of Syrian children, 8,4 million who are trying to survive both inside the country and in neighbouring countries as refugees are still affected by war. Moreover most of these children need help in many areas ranging from education to healthcare, food, psychological support and security.
It is estimated that more than 800.000 children lost their fathers during the war that took over 450.000 lives. Syrian orphans like orphans else where are threatened by substance abuse, forced into being child soldier, human traffickers, missionary organizations, prostitution and organ mafia, begging rings.
The lives of these children, who were born in the middle of war or far from their homes are shaped up by violence, fear of loss and deportation. Psychological support and rehabilitation comes first among the list of essentials needed by orphan children who are war victims in order to grow up as physically and mentally healthy individuals in safe environment. RAF- IHH City for Welfare came to life with this goal in mind. The booklet in
our hands details this extraordinary project, RAF-IHH City for Welfare that is designed to be a home for 990 children who lost both parents during war and built on 100.000 square metres in Antioch, Reyhanlı.