RAF – IHH City for Human Welfare

In cooperation with The foundation Sheikh Thani Ibn Abdullah for Humanitarian Services (Raf), Humanitarian Relief Foundation IHH, laid the foundation of a huge project on 2nd July 2015, which corresponds to15th Ramadan World Orphan Day in Antioch.
According to the protocol signed with Turkey’s Minister of Family and Social Policy the first step for RAF-IHH City for Welfare was taken. The city under-construction that will accommodate 990 orphan children features 55 houses, each 350 m2, three schools, a mosque, a health clinic, playgrounds, culture centre, sports hall, rehab centre, art workshops, patches for planting, outdoor activity space, olive orchard on 100.000 square
metres. The city is the biggest space dedicated for orphan victims of war in the world.


• World’s biggest complex designed for children, who lost their parents during war
• A safe environment for child victims of war to grow up as physically and mentally healthy individuals while overcoming their psychological problems
• 55 houses on a 100-decare estate that will accommodate 990 orphan children
• A place where children can turn from introvert reserved persons to confident individuals with high self-esteem, develop compassion and kindness while raising animals and trees, learn how to handle their emotions and have dreams.
• Houses that are designed to allow each child some privacy and to let them be self sufficient.
• Education system that will give outstanding qualifications and social skills to help each child stand on their own feet and have professions to earn a living when theygrow up to be an adult.
• Healthy and natural activity areas where children can spend time interacting withenvironment.
• Sports centres where children realize their potentials and improve their wellness